"Robotics for a litter free beach"

At current rates, by 2050 the seas will contain more plastic than fish.

Follow our journey to build .BB, a Beach Bot that detects litter, creates awareness and helps to clean the beach, supported by anyone over the internet.

Let's clean the beach together!


We’ve been taught that littering is wrong. Nevertheless, humans still leave litter everywhere.

Cigarette butts and microplastics that roam around on the beach effect the health of sea water, species and eventually our food chain.

We need to challenge ourselves to come up with new solutions to clean the beach and to keep it clean.

Our solution

We are building a standalone robot by the name of BB (Beach Bot).
BB will help to clean the beach and contribute to more awareness about littering.

A clever trash worker

BB can detect litter, label it and pick it up. It will exclusively collect litter and leave nature undisturbed.

Human assistance

BB can be remotely accessed through a wireless connection, so everyone can help BB to recognize litter.

Engage with the public on the beach

BB will motivate people to help keep the beach clean. People can bring litter to BB and help to empty it.


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